Model: JYXY-2P

Dimension: 1150x830x485 (mm)

Power: 4 Kw

Lava Stone: 660x660 (mm)

Temperature: 20 – 400 oC

MOdel: JWYE 792

Dimension: 500x650x1100 (mm)

Heat Consumption: 16 Kw/h

Electronic Pulse Ignition, Easily assembled and clean

Model: JTT-300

Item: Conveyor Toaster

Pieces of bread per hour: 300 - 350

Model:      JGG-1000

Dimension: 1000x520x450 (mm)

Power:  21.6 (M)

Model: JSD-18

Daily Production: 18Kg

Bin Capacity: 8Kg

Dimension: 420x450x700 (mm)

Model: JMC-24

Capacity: Rice: 96-120 Kg / Flour: 72-96 Kg

Fuel: Gas/LPG

Dimension: 1400x680x1660 (mm)

Model: JEMC-12

Capacity: Rice 48-60 Kg / Flour: 36-48 Kg / 60-72 Kg

Dimension: 750x700x1660 (mm)

Qty of trays: 12


Model: K-13

Item: Soap Dispenser

Model: HP-9890

Item: Hand Dryer

Model: JXL-012

Item: Hand Truck

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